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DR3855B: Proma Star Single Adjustable Shock

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The QA1 Coil over shock is built from billet aluminum that is clear anodized for superior durability and appearance. QA1 's valving has been calibrated to meet the new found demands of today's sportsman racers. The QA1 offers external adjustment for quick corrections, even in the staging lanes, due to changing track conditions.
Only the best quality components are used in every QA1 shock; 5/8" Nitro-tec piston rod equal to stainless steel for corrosion resistance and 40% harder than hard chrome, plus a multi-lip internal and external wiper seal to keep dirt out and fluid in. High quality, 1/2" spherical rod ends are included. The graduated adjuster knob offers a quick reference for your shock setting. There are a total of twelve (12) different shock settings that adjust both bump and rebound simultaneously. Every QA1 externally adjustable shock is dyno tested to assure you maximum performance. Please specify bearing or poly mount in field marked "other".
Price: $342.24

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