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RCGMP14: "R" Series Pro Coil System for GM

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The QA1 “R” Series Pro Coil System is specifically engineered for drag racing and delivers unmatched performance on the strip for cars with stock GM front ends.
Features include; • Firm compression with a wide range of rebound adjustment. • Bolt in • Minimal modifications necessary. • Replaces stock front shocks & springs. • Specially designed conical springs. Springs designed so that the spring sits on the coil shock and the upper end fits in the original spring bucket in the frame. This allows the use of a lighter and longer spring for more stored energy, offering increased weight transfer. • Directly threaded aluminum body allows ride height adjustment. • Bright anodizing increases body strength & durability. Kit is available for big block or small block applications. When ordering please specify big or small block in the "other" field
Price: $1058.56

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