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5006M: Chrome Moly Square Tube Chassis

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Consider Harris Racecar Chassis second to none!! Square tube chassis are manufactured to exact specifications and adaptable to a variety of setup applications. Comes powder coated and with complete body.
Order your Harris Racecar today and see for yourself. Standard Harris Modified Chassis Include: Main cage D.O.M. 1-3/4" .095, Reworked GM midsize frame, Plated frame horns, Lower arm mounts reinforced, Upper control ram mounts, Front spring buckets, Front motor brackets, Rear motor plate tabs, 2 leg protector bars, Trailing arm mounts, 2X2 underslung frame rails, Battery box, Fuel cell guard, Panhard bar mounts, Long torque link mounts on drive shaft loop, Axle dampener shock mount, Front & rear spring mounts, Bolt-on front bumper, Bolt-on rear bumper, Bolt-on left & right rub rails, Front & rear body mounts, Hanging pedal mounts (long), Radiator mount, Seat belt mounts, Seat mounts, Steering column brackets, Quick steer brackets, Hood-nose-and rear panel pin mounts, Clutch line tabs, Brake line tabs, Roof tabs.
Price: $5399

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